Bring the opportunity to access high speed internet for communities

The Otter Creek Communications Union District (OCCUD) exists for the purpose of supporting the municipalities in and near the Rutland Region by bringing the quality and speed of internet needed to compete in a global economy, access the health services needed, study and work from home as wanted or needed, and overall have the same communication resources as those that live in more urbanized areas.

Member towns and representative for the Otter Creek CUD

Formed in July 2020 with the Town of Brandon taking the first step (as outlined in​ ​Vermont State Statute​) to form a communications union district and quickly after joined by Goshen, the OCCUD has 18 member municipalities as of November 2023.
Bill Moore - Alternate
TBD – Alternate
TBD – Alternate
Fair Haven
Tracy Richards
TBD – Alternate
Tyler Davidson-Toman
TBD – Alternate
Chris Custer
TBD – Alternate
Larry Courcelle, Vice-Chair
TBD – Alternate
Jessica Van Oort
TBD – Alternate
TBD – Alternate
Rutland City
TBD – Alternate
Rutland Town
TBD – Alternate
Laura Black, Chair
Alan Shelvey
TBD – Alternate
Eleanor Jones, Secretary/Clerk
West Haven
West Rutland
TBD – Alternate
Ex Officio Board Members

Increasing connectivity in our surrounding communities

Because the communities need a better internet to thrive and compete in a global economy.
While the OCCUD is busily working to get to the construction phase to bring you the opportunity to access high speed internet through FTTP (fiber to the premises), it is also finding ways to support alternative connectivity options in our surrounding communities. The OCCUD has sponsored the installation of more than 14 wireless hotspots throughout the Rutland Region. Consider using one of the increasing number of public Wi-Fi Hotspots available throughout the State.

Do you want a better internet?

If your municipality has not yet joined a CUD, please connect with us or your local Selectboard and ask them to consider joining. It involved no risk, liability, or obligation of the municipality nor its residents; but it does allow the OCCUD to bring fiber to any in the town that say, “Hey! I want better internet!”
I want a better internet

Our executive committee

Laura Black
Eleanor Jones
Larry Courcelle
VCUDA Rep, Vice-Chair
Jackie Savela
Peter Werner
Mike Small
Chris Custer
Steve Murray

Together, we're moving forward

Let’s move forward together to make a positive impact for the people of Vermont.
The work of connecting Vermont to high speed internet and productively accessing virtual tools is only feasible with the help of concerned, energetic people.

If you’re interested in helping out or want more information on becoming a volunteer, please contact us.
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