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Otter Creek CUD has several open RFPs ("Requests for Proposals") and we'll endeavor to keep updates posted here.

  1. OCCUD Seeks Responses To ‘Otter Creek CUD RFP for partner(s)’, Due 5/2/2022

Link to original RFP: Otter-Creek-CUD-RFP-for-partners Link to revised RFP

The Otter Creek Communications Union District is seeking immediate responses to the RFP (linked below) for partner(s) in its quest to bring fiber speed internet connectivity past every home in its 18-town territory that are currently not served, or under served. Please see the RFP for additional information.  Responses to this RFP are due 5/2/2022 (revised to now be due 5/25/2022). Questions regarding the RFP should be directed to info@OCCUD.org 

Link to other information about this RFP; the Questions and Answers page, links to submitted proposals.

2. OCCUD Seeks Responses To ‘RFP for Project Management’, Due 5/10/2022 


The Otter Creek Communications Union District is issuing this Request for Proposals (linked above) for Project Management Services during its efforts to deliver fiber speed connectivity to all unserved/underserved residents, businesses, and government agencies throughout its service territory. Proposals from multitalented individuals and firms are welcome. Those submitting a Proposal shall do so in accordance with this RFP by 5:00PM 5/10/2022. Questions regarding the RFP should be directed to info@OCCUD.org 

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