Otter Creek CUD RFP for partner(s) Info

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Questions and Answers

Submitted by Consolidated Communications

1. Would the CUD be willing to extend the response deadline to May 25th to give us adequate time to prepare a cost estimate and engineering? Answer: We have decided to extend the response deadline from May 2, 2022 to May 25. The revised RFP is linked here

2. Does the CUD have preferences on ownership of the network? Does the CUD want to own portions or all of the network? Does the CUD want the provider to own the entirety of the network? Answer: The CUD is open to various models of ownership.  The CUD understands that Act 71 does indicate a preference for community owned networks. It is also the CUD's understanding that ACT 71 also allows for private carriers to receive funds for private networks as long as that network is outside a CUD and/or the private carrier is working in collaboration with a CUD, and the carrier provides a universal service plan for the towns that are planned to be served.

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