Invited committee members and alternates:

Amanda O’Connor (RRPC), Andrew Quint (Chittenden), *Barbara Gabrielson (Chittenden - Alternate), Bill Moore (Brandon), Chris Hoyt (West Haven), Colleen Wright (Sudbury), Bill Sweet (Rutland Town), Cassandra Hayes (Goshen), Chris Custer (Hubbardton), *Dave Atherton (Brandon – Alternate), *Darryl Robinson (Goshen – Alternate), *Gina Cull (Benson – Alternate), *John Harvey (West Rutland - Alternate), *John Haverstock (Pittsford – Alternate), John Hill (Benson), *Jose Luchsinger (Hubbardton – Alternate), Mary Ann Goulette (West Rutland), Sam Jackson (Pittsford), Tim Munks (Castleton)

  1. Call to order – Roll Call
  2. Approval of Agenda
  3. New Member Approval
  4. Financial Update – Treasurer/Bookkeeper Recruitment
  5. Legislative Update
  6. Executive Committee Recruitment
  7. CARES-ACT Update
  8. Grant Updates
  9. Contract with Rutland Regional Planning Commission
  10. VCUDA Update
  11. New Member Recruitment
  12. Other Business 
  13. Set Next Meeting – February 24, 5pm
  14. Adjournment

Meeting Recap

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