1. Call to order - start recording
2. Approval of Agenda
3. Approval of March Minutes - recorded meeting
4. Elect officers

  • Chair
  • Treasure
  • Secretary
  • Changes to Executive Committee
  • Other

5. Executive Committee Update

  • Welcome the new representatives; Mark Teetor, Jessica Van Oort, others
  • Shrewsbury's request to join the OCCUD (Otter Creek Communications Union District) with their rep
    to the board as Laura Black
  • Status of the RFP for an ISP partner
  • Appointment/reappointment of board reps; each town needs to have a motion read into their select board minutes that reappoints/appoints a representative to the OCCUD board.
  • Status of the RFP for a project management
  • Elect officers

6. VCUDA Update
7. Grant Updates
8. Other Business
9. Confirm Next Meeting - shall we continue with third Wednesday at 5PM?
10. Adjournment

Meeting Recap

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