In July 2020, the Rutland Regional Planning Commission was awarded a Broadband Innovation Grant by the Vermont Dept of Public Service, allowing it to pursue the development of a feasibility study and business plan for a potential Communications Union District to support the buildout of fiber to the premises throughout the region. This award and first step towards bringing high speed internet to those who want it, spurred the Town of Brandon’s Selectboard to vote and initiate the creation of the Otter Creek Communications Union District (OCCUD) shortly after, followed by a vote of the Goshen Selectboard to join the OCCUD which officially established the CUD.

Fast forward to December 2020, the OCCUD now has 11 town members and a finalized feasibility study bringing it yet another step closer to the OCCUD’s goal of accessible high speed internet for the region. Here you can review the feasibility study at your leisure. The study finds that a Rutland Region CUD (the OCCUD) is financially feasible but does emphasize the benefit of joining with a neighboring CUD. This does not mean the OCCUD will go away. This means that the CUD will likely coordinate its development, buildout, and internet provision with a neighboring CUD to strengthen its resilience and operational ability.

As work continues and specifics are determined and then voted on by the OCCUD (and any potential coordinating neighboring CUD’s) Board, updates will be provided.

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